Our core purpose is to create ocean knowledge. We do this by applying the latest science code within an agile technology stack to resolve the important physical ocean processes.



Ocean data

The right data at the right scale, exactly where you need it. Waves, winds, currents, tides, water properties supplied as a B2B service for the 7-14 day forecast horizon, or hindcast for the past 70 years. Any wet location on Earth, we can do it.

Cloud Infrastructure

We supply and support a full operational stack so you can deploy the latest numerical model code with confidence. Our technical solutions are compute-agnostic and you can choose the right level of support for your team. Get enabled with us.


Past climatology is essential to understand processes, but it is the future ocean state that we need to design for. With our associates and partner organisations, we offer pragmatic science-based consultancy services on climate change.


Dr Peter McComb

Managing Director and Physical Oceanographer

Peter has over 25 years experience in science leadership and ocean enterprise, building an extensive portfolio of applied science outcomes. He has designed and led numerous oceanographic measurement campaigns, and continues to provide strategic science advisory and governance roles.

Dr Tom Durrant

Director and Physical Oceanographer

Tom has over 13 years experience in applied research and operational forecasting. Specialising in ocean waves, he has worked across in-situ and remote satellite observation, statistical forecasting techniques, numerical forecast and hindcast modelling as well as wave climate applications. He has lead the development of national wave forecasting systems for both the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the Meteorological Service of New Zealand. He lead the science research and development team at MetOcean Solutions, now the oceanographic division of the Meteorological Service of New Zealand. Tom has extensive experience combining modern technological approaches with state-of-the-art science to produce agile and flexible modelling systems, reducing the time from research outcomes to operational application.

Dr Rafael Guedes

Director and Physical Oceanographer

Rafael has over 12 years expertise in modelling and analysis of nearshore waves and coastal processes. He has developed coastal wave forecasting systems and produced numerous multi-decadal wave hindcasts. While at the Meteorological Service of New Zealand, he managed the oceanographic hindcasting databases and data delivery services. He has led the development of tools and open-source software combining science and technology.

Dr David Johnson

Director and Physical Oceanographer

David has over 15 years experience in numerical modelling, data analysis and visualisation. He has been involved in numerous applied process modelling studies of waves, currents and sediment transport, and has produced many long running hindcast datasets. David was co-founder and technical director of Metocean Solutions, now the oceanographic division of the Meteorological Service of New Zealand. He developed all their first generation automated forecast, hindcast, data management and display systems, and subsequently acted as technical lead for continued architecture and development.

Dr Kevin Ewans

Associate Scientist and Physical Oceanographer

Kevin has over 35 years’ experience worldwide as an engineer specifying metocean design conditions for offshore structures. His work has involved research into various oceanographic phenomena, including fundamental aspects of ocean waves, the application of extremal analysis for developing metocean design criteria, and numerous site-specific climatological investigations.

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